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Kids Tax
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Women want the best genes. Now what are the best genes?

Well, that's a very subjective and politically incorrect issue. Think it this way, when an ethnic group win 50% of Nobel price, many will call them inferior and many will agree.

When an achievement or a job is so good, people will call it so bad and they'll argue that it can't possibly be consensual and hence has to be prohibited.

Why? The short word is envy. But the correct explanation will take too long. You can go all the way to check some references or get one of my e-book here for a much more detailed explanation.

All this time what most of us know of what women want are created by the majority of less desirable males that do not attract females.

Because they're majority, and hence, the ruling class, we accept their opinion without much questioning.

They then hold these false opinions and any beliefs that support it sacrosanct. Then they violently kill anyone offending their beliefs to deter people from examining and criticizing it.

See what humans, like most sexual species, strongly want in instinctive level and you'll see what you should do to get the most from them.

Quick TIPS on Gene Pool Survival

  • You'll attract more female by spending money on something else, like cars, or big houses, then by spending money directly on the female. Find out why!

  • You can never have too many females. The more females you have the more attractive you are. It's the same mechanism why we go to full restaurants or buy best seller books.

Short Explanation

What women want is, of course, complex. However, the major one, besides money, is that women want the best genes, measured mainly by wealth and intelligence.

Why? Let's just say that our preferences nowadays are preferences that get us in the gene pool in the past.

Women had been surviving in the gene pool by picking the genes that are more likely to get them in the pool.

Wealthy, intelligence, cruel, evil men, like Genghish Khan, leave far more descendants. So, women that pick such males are women that are in the gene pool nowadays, and males that are in the gene pool are males that are like that.

All right, to understand what women want, you need to understand how we evolve. I'll explain that in the meaning of life.


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