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Sorry to take so long to reply. I converted from Internet explorer to Mozilla Firefox, and that seemed to destroy Eudora. I decided to go completely 'open source' and am now running all internet access with Mozilla. I highly recommend the Firefox browser if you are interested. It kills pop-ups automatically and new windows appear as tabs behind the current window. It doesn't seem like much, but it really makes a difference.

I have started studying the e-book, and must say that I am impressed. When reading your postings on the newsgroups I got the impression that you were advocating an 'insurgency' against stupid people. From your book it seems that you are trying to provide a guide for operating better within the current system. That is practical. Changing the system is beyond what any one person or group of people can accomplish.

Feel free to quote anything that I put on the Newsgroups, with or without attribution. I always write as if it is public anyway, which is why I never paint myself into a corner or write anything too insulting.

I am finishing up my B.S. degree in chemistry this semester, and the last course I am taking is an upper level course in Ethics. One of the things which keeps appearing as a criticism of all nature-based moral models is the naturistic fallacy. This is the idea that even though we know what and how something occurs, does not mean that it "ought" to be that way. One disadvantage to being smart is the desire to understand and control our non-rational, instinctive urges. Your book takes another approach, involving exploring and mastering these instincts. I find it very interesting.

As a 39 year old, divorced father of two, still paying off legal bills from child custody... I have a long way to go to become an alpha male. :)

Comment Note from Gene Pool Coach: That's not true. A mature (39 years), proven (married once with 2 kids), and financially responsible (can pay off legal bills) can be an alpha male. He's in deep shit due to the system I must admit, but there are ways to get around it. Being an alpha male is like being rich. Sure some people have genetic advantage, but it's more of what you do than what genes you have. Read how in my book.

Without knowing the biological reason, I have come to a clear understanding of what motivates us. That is the reason I decided to work three jobs and go to school to finish my degree. I am also preparing to undergo bariatric surgery to get my weight under control. I am of average height, so I think I may have to emigrate to the East to be "taller" and more desirable. The one thing that I will try to cultivate is my talent, because we both know that women love musicians!

One final thought. The English spelling and grammar in your e-book is in great need of correction. I do not have much time right now, but if you would like it cleaned up sometime, or are working on other books, let me know if you would like me to edit for you. (before switching to Chemistry, my major was in Communications).

Now if I can just learn how to use the Newsreader...

Eromsnid Flor - Mensan

Now, what are you waiting here. Go read the stuff already.

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