Seven Sins You Want

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The whole point of being rich is to be able to attract, bribe, and support as many females and kids as possible. The whole point of being pretty is to be able to extract more financial resources and higher quality genetic materials from superior alpha males.

Humans basic preferences is designed for gene pool survival. Some people want to prevent you to survive. Hence, they convince you that anything you naturally want is sin, which they want you to avoid.

Who are those people? Why? Do they exist? Can we use evolution theory to show their real instinctive motive? This true motives are rarely seen in front. All you see in most ideological discussions are just pretext covering these real motives.

"Knows the truth, the truth will set you free" - Jesus

Consider learning the truth. Then you can embrace your nature without guilt. Learn how to withold satisfy and fulfill your desires.

  1. Sleep and acquire as many females as possible (greed)
  2. Knock them up (lust)
  3. Reserve a lot of time and energy for reproduction (sloth)
  4. Maintain illusion of superiority (pride)
  5. Reduce gene pool survivals of those who get in your way (anger)
  6. Enjoy the good stuff in life (gluttony)
  7. Eliminate others' advantages (envy). This is the main source of all evil. This is why most other evil is necessary.

Understanding humans nature will not only allow you to get results, but to also make the world a better place.


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