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I have no intention to offend or butt lick anyone with my articles or e-book. The words I use are simply words that make analysis easier.

To me, what's important is that readers understand what's going on. How the truth make the readers feel are none of my concern.

To be frank with you, when I found out this truth by learning from my polite references, I was outraged.

I made no effort to be polite in writing my e-book. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help your self, with words that emotionally and logically convey the truth will be the writing style.

For example, calling women a natural resources, allow me to use analogy to explain why their freedom are often heavily restricted.

Natural resources are relatively inelastic resources whose number will not increase simply because there are more intensive to produce it.

The ratio between females, and males will not change much no matter how much intensive we give to parents to produce females, at least not for now.

Hence, through out history, females, like oil, are either fought over or shared proportional with onesí bargaining position. In Indonesia, for example, the dictators get all the oil money.

In Arab, the King gets all the chickz and the oil money. The rest are told to go jihad, crusade, or whatever. In democratic country, the power is in the hand of the middle class, and hence we have anti polygamy laws. The number of females a male get, is then, like oil, proportional to the manís relative political power.

You can read more about the origin of anti polygamy law in western civilization in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygamy. Itís more of a continuation of roman tradition rather than based on the scripture. Roman tradition comes from greek tradition. Greek were a democratic country, hence they ration females in equal share to everyone manner.

Of course, while polygamy is illegal in western civilization, free sex, which is even way better, is legal, as westerners get richer and richer and can import Russian mail order bride. It wasnít legal during middle age right?

With invention of birth control and genetic testing, marriage is an obsolete institution anyway. Its original practical purposes of deciding fatherhood and correctly distributing inheritance are gone, replaced by itís political purpose as a very crude way to mitigate disparity of sexual desirability.

Finally, I am not sexist. I never promote any laws discriminating based on sex. If women want to be soldiers or bank robbers, then fine.

Of course, governments, yes even governments, would reasonably want someone strong, headlong, dangerous, and menacing enough to be loyal cannon fodders. Chance is 99% of those qualify will be male.

The same way, bars are not likely to use a female bouncer even if those females know some Nine Suns and Golden Armor kung fu taught straight by Wong Xiao Hu. We're not trying to raise the moral of the opponents troops here.

Itís not like becoming a soldier is great job anyway. Prostitution is of course, a much better job than joining the army, by far. Less risk, more fun, higher pay. So what are those feminists complaining about?

Of course, porn star is the best job ever. Sure enough, when some ethnic group win 50% of Nobel prize in real science, like economy and physics, some envy bigots will call them inferior. The same way, when a job is so good, lest assure that some bigots will mumble that the job is so bad it should be prohibited and canít possibly be consensual.


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