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Not just a theory, it's a movement!

Imagine the world with 1000s of Copernicus, Galileo, Bill Gates, Jesus, Newton, Adam Smith, Lao Tze, and Milton Friedman... Imagine if those who greatly make our world a better place multiply proportional with their positive contribution, while those who are not capable to be productive anyway have a much higher standard of living.

When the ratio between the productive and the parasites go bigger and bigger, for a smaller "sacrifice" we can improve the parasites' standard of living. It's win win...

It's not happening. Sultans, emperors, and dictators live in Harem while scientists like Newton die childless.

Why good smart productive people went extinct while the bad smart people proliferate?

All happen due to prejudice against smart people that pursue their honest interests through productive means. When you count on productivity, you don't count on military power. Then you're weak, so people rob you. That's why smart people, in the past, tend to acquire wealth through deception and force rather than productivity.

Unmasking the prejudice is one way to benefit the smart and the stupid. Find out why some minority groups are so productively rich and how to repeat the process everywhere.

Creating financial intensives to seek the truth will be another. You can check our "Love thy Neighbor, Get Them High Campaign" here for another sample. We're not responsible for content written outside when you follow external links of course.

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