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Anti Semit
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Anti Semit
Drug Legalization
How I Become a Jerk

Morality Decoded

How to be able to scientifically answer all this questions from our understanding of the meaning of life?

  1. Why the Taliban prevents women from working?
  2. Why in most countries, women are prevented from working in jobs they'll earn large amount of money, such as prostitution, nude modeling, mistresses, singing, dancing, etc to protect females' ďinterestsĒ.
  3. Why in some cultures women are restricted to wear burgha for "females' dignity"?
  4. Why males' created laws, norms, and ideas define women's interest. Why not just let the women choose? Find out why!
  5. Why polygamy is politically incorrect in and only in democratic countries?
  6. Why there are so many religious sermons condemning porn, way more than sermons condemning killing, murder, rape, etc. Knowing what females want will be the string that connects all the dots naturally.
  7. Why religious leadersí work so hard ensuring you donít have sex before marriage? More importantly, should you obey them?
  8. Why nerds got beaten up in school?
  9. Why men accumulate wealth, power, and surnames?
  10. If the Nazis really believe the Jews were inferior and parasitic, why don't they let the market decide who positively contribute more and let the women decide which genetic material they prefer?
  11. Why men that successfully sleep with so many females are desirable studs and women that sleep with so many males are undesirable sluts?
  12. Don't bother reading the Bible, Constitution, Quran, Torah, Vedas, or your whatever favorite scriptures. The newest evolution theory will correctly predict what all mainstream religions and ideology will say irrelevant of what's originally intended by their Gods. For example, Tripitaka (Buddhist scripture) do not condemn homosexuality, yet, I bet the Buddhist in Thailand will soon have anti homosexuality laws. Anti polygamy laws correlate with democracy rather than any religion.

All right, the short answer for all those are envy and humans' dysgenic tendency to mitigate the effect of difference sexual desirability. What does that mean?

This is the the one fruit of knowledge your oppressors do not want you to eat when you're a kid.

I'll tell you the truth. You won't die. To the opposite, you'll be just like them. Your genes will live and proliferate forever and you'll know right from wrong. Youíll get kicked out of the garden of illusion, but itíll worth it.

This is the Pandora box you've yearned to peek for all your life. C'mon. Everyone has been peeking on it. You should too.

Genocides and riots all over the world show us that mutual male genocide with strong prejudice against those more capable to achieve happiness shapes how people make up their morality. But how? Why? What else?

Why people like Saddam, Hitler, Osama, and Bush keeps popping up? How to stop them (or be like them, if you prefer, as if I care).

Well, you can check our references, our e-book, and the foreword for more details, if you really want to know, but it's kind of too long to explain here.

As you will see, the way morality works is that the more a certain things lead to happiness and gene pool survival, the more politically incorrect those things are. People hate billionaires more than thieves. So how do we get happiness? It goes beyond just making a lot of money consensually and attracting females.


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