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Rationality Disclaimer

Table of Contents
Rationality Disclaimer


All right, you may think I made this all up. So I created a special page for info. You know, testimony, references, rationality disclaimer, and faqs.

For your information, I thought the e-book should be free. My main income is from advertising anyway. It's much less of a hassle that way.

However, unlike this website, the real content of the e-book, may offend some people. Hence, I cannot gain sponsorship to give away the book for free.

Moreover, to gain mass audience I need some offline publishing too. Now, I am concern that no publishers would print the book if I let the book available for free here. So I charge a cheap $9.98, which is the typical cost of a really cheap book.

If you're strap on cash, you can wait till and if I decide whether I will let the e-book free or not. Or you can post 20 messages to http://discussionbucks.com asking public questions and I'll give you the e-book for free.


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