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Like most libertarians, I prefer less governments in both economy and private life.

However, I do not support full libertarianism. Well, let's first examine the real issue first behind all deviation from libertarianism.

Freedom means competition. When Ann can freely choose Bob or Tom then Bob and Tom will have to compete to get Ann.

Some people are uncompetitive, yet they insist on winning anyway. That's why, libertarianism is not popular among the majority of uncompetitive people.

That's not the reason why I oppose full libertarianism of course. I mean, if some people are uncompetitive and force people around why the hell I should side with them.

The thing is on how practical full libertarianism is for a country.

Let's for simplicity sake presume that women prefer handsome males. Actually, that's not very true. While handsome count, males' desirability is more of a function of males' wealth and power. We're not peacock. We don't just compete. We also kill each other.

Now, but let's presume that women prefer handsome males anyway just for the sake of argument. That means, Tom Cruise will get all the chickz right? That means, after one generation, all kids in the country will be the children of Tom Cruise.

Now, I see some problem with this. First, not many people will sort of let that happen. Most will prevent that to ration females to them instead, say by making free sex illegal.

But let's for simplicity sake, all of us are fair libertarians. All right, Tom Cruise get all women, well all women want him so that's fair. Also, let's for simplicity sake, we're not only fair, we're also a little liberal.

Because Tom is so busy making kids he doesn't make any money. So he's poor. Because he's poor he can't afford his kids. Well, it's not his kids' fault. So the kid deserve to be fed and nurtured anyway. There goes governments' fund to feed all those kids from deadbeat Tom.

After one generation, the whole country will be filled with really handsome males that don't know engineering, computer science, programming, or military tactics. Even if that works out, what will happen?

The country will get whacked by the Arab.

You see why no country is libertarian?

Less desirable males, for example, will simply prohibit polygamy to ration females in equal share for everyone. Less economically capable males will come up with laws preventing the rich from getting richer. Those are all attempted solution to this problem.

But that's not an optimum solution. So no, I don't support full libertarianism. However, I do support less government and more meritocracy.

While full competition can leads to social instability, pure socialism either in economy, through communism or in gene pool survival through monogamy will not work either. We hold this truth with plenty of evidences that humans are different. Some will be more successful than the other.

True equality of result will simply doesn't work. Disparity of wealth and kids produce will always exist. Socialism will simply change the way such disparity are earned, namely in unproductive ways, such as by corruption.

What I would propose is governments should be governed like business and the citizens can be treated like stock holders. As long as our interests are properly aligned like that there will be less conflicts.

For example, citizens can get dividend if governments' spending is far less than governments income. Also, anyone that wants to make more kids must not only fully afford those kids but also buy citizenships for their kids. Citizenship can also be inherited or sold, so those who don't want to make kids can sell their citizenship and enjoy higher standard of living.

That will put a limit on the number of kids Tom can make.

And then, we can pay those who defend our life by becoming soldiers a much higher pay. Women prefer the rich. With higher pay, they can attract women or rent ones to make kids.

So after one generation, our country will have enough soldiers, engineers, programmers, brick layers, etc. all in a balanced market like check and balance mechanism that'll maximize productivity as a whole.


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