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Meaning of Life
How to Be Happy 1
How to Be Happy 2
Seven Sins You Want
Wealth Importance

Meaning of Life
How to Be Happy 1
How to Be Happy 2
Seven Sins You Want
Wealth Importance

The more an achievements lead to gene pool survival, the more likely the achievements will make you happy.

Unfortunately, the more an achievement make you happy, the more envy bigots out there will come up with some morality standard condemning the achievements and acts that lead to it.

For example, often norms and laws are created, against consensual acts, under the pretext to protect females' interest. The idea how reducing females' choice can magically support females interest are supported by a bunch of non senses.

Hence, most of what we are told to believe are false opinions designed to distort the market.

Gene Pool Survival then, includes, but goes beyond being able to attract sex partners and supporting off springs created. It goes beyond consensual aspects.

The real question, at the end, is not, "Will you?", but "Can you?"

If you don't, someone else will, and that someone much dumber than you will wipe out your genes, beat up your potential lovers, and use your money to support their act.

Now, when that happens, who is dumb?

Due to existence of envy bigots and their prejudice based morality, evil, in a sense, is necessary. One cannot achieve happiness only through peaceful consensual mean alone. Those who achieve enlightens and happiness then are those who seize freedom and dodge laws in ways that their oppressors would not approve.

In countries where tax is high and governments involvements are rapacious, people choose corruptions and dictatorship to pursue happiness.

How would you like knowing how everyone's achieve their gene pool survival and happiness? They do so by committing the seven life giving sin.


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