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In science we trust!

From the international math champion and author of http://howtolearnmath.com. Based on cutting edge evolution theories written by genius professors from well known university.



Welfare vs Capitalism This e-book explains how prosperity capitalism bring also bring benefits to so many people beyond the market mechanism. Free
Rabbit vs Turtle This e-book explains how disparity of natural ability leads to disparity of success. It explains lies that try to hide this scientific truth and how those lies make countries poor. (Free) Free
Abundance World This e-book explains how we all actually live in a very potentially abundant world. That the biggest problem for prosperity is not appeasements given to the needy, but to the envy. Free
Gene Pool Survival Guide This e-book explains the basic theory of evolution and how those theories can accurately predict humans' nature with deathly accuracy. The e-book explains many controversial facts societies try to hide from you for a long time. It's the thickest book. If I don't charge anything, no publishers would want to publish the e-book. Hence, the small price. $9.98

If love is blind, be the few who see.
If your spouse is in God's hand, be a God.
Don't let society, masked as God, decides your spouse or your life!

Quench my Thirst for The Wisdom Even Emotional People and my Primitive Ancestors Know 

Why are you still reading here? You prefer fairy tales rather than true science? Not convinced yet? Check out the references, bonuses, testimony, and other miscellaneous information. Or ask some public questions. Don't buy till you're sure.


Or maybe you want to check out the foreword for this e-book here.

Buy the truth (for only $9.98) and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding. Proverbs 23:23 - Reasonable comments added to ease interpretation of otherwise very vague concepts. I do not guarantee the accuracy of my biblical interpretation. Chance is mine is way more accurate than your typical tele-evangelists.


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