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Women's Protection? Something is very suspicious when governments protect people from consensual acts. What's really going on behind all those protections?
Real Reasons Behind Anti Semitic From mixing Christian's children's blood with bread to killing some demigod 2000 years ago. There are many pretext used to justify anti Semitism. What's the real reason?
Wealth Importance Why it's important to be wealthy? Why you want to be wealthy? Importance of wealth for you and other humans?
Love Thy Neighbor Gets Them High How drug legalization can both improve the economy and stabilize society. The real issue behind many morality standard.
Foreword This is the foreword for my e-book Gene Pool Survival Guide. It explains what's really going on behind various issue where governments protect people against their own will. It explains how mutual males' genocide and females' rationing can correctly explain prevailing morality in a society.
Am I sexist? Many people accuse me of being sexist for making this website. That's not true. To the opposite, I am far from sexist because I promote females' freedom. This is an explanation.
Helping Poverty When we subsidize poverty and failure we tend to get more of both. How to help the poor humanely and still reduce their number?
Polygamy Can polygamy be beneficial for women? Can it be consensual? Why is it so politically incorrect and illegal?
Poverty Solution How can we reduce poverty still with intensive to be productive?
Kids Tax Why taxing kids, rather than income, will help the poor a lot.


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