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Wealth is quite important for women. In most cases, poor women can only pick males that are committed enough to all her financial need.

Such males are not usually very attractive. Why in the earth can a highly attractive male that can mate with so many pretty females without any commitment would bother committing his life to an average woman?

Being rich means women will allow women to pick more desirable even richer mates. Rich women aim for males that are even richer.

Common poverty is bad for women because women will not have enough rich smart males to choose from when the countries are poor. So they end up fire selling their talent to richer countries and earn less money for the same beauty and talent women in rich countries earn.

So yes, wealth is important for women. Women need wealth to ensure that all her kids go to college and are well fed. Women need wealth for luxuries, presents, and expensive dinners they crave.

Is wealth important for males? Males donít enjoy luxury as much. Males donít get pregnant. Males donít need to love their kids to survive in the gene pool and can simply make way more kids replacing those that die starving by injecting more sperms.

Males have less maintenance cost. Males are less demanding. Is wealth important for males? You betÖ Wealth is even more important for males.

Historically there are far more males that risk their life for wealth, power, and glory than females.

Why? Women prefer the rich.

Brave, plucky, even headlong and suicidal, males acquire wealth, knock up more females, and survive better in the gene pool. Brave female bank robbers do not have as much evolutionary advantage as brave male bank robbers.

Hence, males are typically greedier and pluckier than females, in virtually all high level species, including ours.

Other species attract their females with gorilla muscles, peacock elaborate tails, and bull duels. Human males attract their females mainly by wealth and political power.

If your country is rich, then you can import, ugh, I mean attract, women from poorer countries through efficient Russian mail order bride system.

I can go on and on saying explaining how really rich, powerful, greedy, ambitious, and evil guys like Genghis Khan inherit his y-chromosomes to 1 out of 4 humans in the world. That means 1 out of 4 males in the earth can trace their ancestry to sex starved barbaric rapists, mass murderers, philanderers. The rest will probably trace all the way to other civilized mass murderers like Shih Huang Ti.

And it's morally right too. Those societies venerate as great people, are mostly mass murderers. As long as you're winning, you're always right.

To the opposite, the mere smoking in public, not wearing seat belt, or believing that governments will protect you is so wrong. Many are kicked out of their gene pools for those mistakes because they are weak and losing.

Thatís what our typical great great great great great great great grand father isÖ Now you know what it takes to survive in the gene pool. Preferences that used to work in the gene pool are preferences that are common nowadays. Guess what? Millions of years of evolution, the winning preferences do not change much.

See Mr. Khan? Thatís the sort of males that survive in the gene pool. Of course, like father like sonÖThatís why males are the way they are. Thatís what ďboys will be boysĒ mean.

Remember, itís Cain, not Abel, which survived in the gene pool.


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