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Many people, when they see accuses me of being sexist.

I am not sexist. I promote freedom and equality. I never promotes any discriminations based on gender, race, or anything except merit.

Of course, equality is in no way means equality of result. That last one is simply impossible.

Equality also do not mean that each group, race, or gender, will on average perform similarly.

We can't expect many women to be bank robbers. It's not because women are inferior or anything, it's just not the kind of job that turn chicks on.

Some people think I hate women for promoting legalization of prostitution, porn, and polygamy. Notice that all those are consensual and that's the only reason why I support their legalization. I do not promote sex slavery, for example.

Moreover, is more of a scientific site. I tried mainly to explain what's really going on reserving moral judgments to the readers.

What happen is that often laws that are created against consensual acts are there under the pretext of protecting women. The truth is, those acts are there to ration females to less desirable males. You can check the references sections for scientific proof about it in the references sections of

Many researchers that use evolution theory to predict humans’ preferences and come up with an explanation why people behave in a certain way.

I am telling the truth so women can be free. Ask any libertarian feminists and they’ll agree with me.

To be frank, I am always suspicious with protection against consensual acts. How in the earth man’s made idea define women’s best interest anyway? If some women want to be prostitute, or porn star, or anything they want, it should be their right. It’s not the way it used to be because males used to control the politic.

In Greek, for example, only males could vote. So, those males ration females among themselves with monogamy. I am against that idea of course, but prefer to just tell the truth rather than making an opinion. I believe the public wouldn’t approve it if they know the truth.

Here in Indonesia the situation is a little bit different than in western civilization. Here, women support porn right. It’s the Muslim religious fundamentalists that want to restrict their freedom. The difference is simple. Western males are richer, and women prefer the rich.

So, the males in western civilization support women’ choices. In Indonesia, it’s the other way around. When the Europeans were relatively poorer than the Arabs, we see it works the other way around too right?

Of course, those who are uncompetitive are not going to explicitly say that they prohibit polygamy or prostitution because they’re not getting any. So they come up with a pretext, namely to protect or to respect women. The same way, ugly women are not going to say that they oppose porn because they’re envy against the prettier ones. So they come up with pretext that porn demeans women.

I believe that each individual, male or female, has an absolute right to decide what he or she’s going to do with his or her body. For females, that includes selling her reproductive service to the highest bidder should she feel like it.

Of course, freedom means competition and some people are not competitive enough yet wanting to win. So they craved lies and prejudices to justify stifling competition. I am unmasking them. That's all.

Look, I don’t care if people hate me for my opinion. Please just don’t misunderstand me.


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