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When a woman stay in an abusive violent relationship, societies wonít simply declare that it must be inconsensual and illegal. Societies will ask the women first whether she wanted to stay or not. Yet when a woman happily chooses to share a rich smart male, be a prostitute or concubines, societies simply say that itís so bad it must be inconsensual, and it must be illegal.

When a woman get stuck in a bad marriage with violent financially irresponsible male, societies do not say that itís because she must have end up that way due to lack of better choices (which is really the case actually). However, when a woman get paid a lot of money for becoming a nude model, or be a concubine for a rich smart male, societies simply presume that the women is ďvictimĒ and the reason why such women do that is due to lack of choice.

Also, why women are blamed for wanting to switch to other male? If you go to a restaurant and you see other better restaurants, of course you move out. Of course better restaurants will attract more customers. Of course the other restaurants are not going to admit that their restaurant is worse. Theyíll simply say that you must have done something unethical or whatever.

Itís all under our nose. None of those freedom restrictions are there to protect women. Itís all there to ration them.

Itís the same reason why the Jews are killed. Because women prefer the rich and the smart. The Jews are richer and smarter. Envy is simply the preference to get rid superior competitors. Thatís why monks in China and Europe donít get married. So high IQ people donít make kids.

Thatís why education is the main way to control population. So the number of kids produced correlate negatively with IQ. Thatís also why child support laws demand money proportional to a manís wealth, to prevent rich males from making too many kids. And thatís also why we have anti polygamy, anti prostitution, and anti free sex laws (in many countries).

And thatís also why we have religions, to give faith based justification for political decisions that many people really want but too ashamed to tell, extermination of those more capable than them.

Thatís also why Hitler was popular. And thatís also why when you go to church, mosque, or any popular religion the first thing they taught is not ďThou shall not stealĒ but ďDonít have free sexĒ.

Freedom means competition. Some people are uncompetitive. So religious leaders get popularity by embracing prejudices all those uncompetitive people cherish.

When this comes up, Da Vinci Code will not look very significant. This is science, not some spurious conspiracy theory. You can check our credible references in http://GenePoolSurvivalGuide.com

Youíve heard all the debates between creationists, and those that support evolution theory. The public know just the scratch. The whole social structure will change.

Many have pointed this out. Yet people don't bother pointing out where evolution theory is. They are just going to come up with pretext to silence the scientific truth, what ever.

Well, Copernicus doesnít get believed in a day simply because he did the Math right doesnít he?


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